Are the addition of liquid-like spots all over the surface.

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Controls whether or not there are going to be splashes over the surface. Kee in mind that they have some bump applied to make them generate some reliefs.

From left to right, values were: 0.000 | 0.600 | 1.000. The rest of the parameters were left as default.

Min = 0 | means no splashes

Max = 1 | means full splashes

Interpolation | between 0-1 is a linear opacity transition

Default = 0

Splashes Optimize *new 2.1.0

This slider optimizes the shader at the cost of some realism. Basically, it is a slider that works as a toggle. Any value that is greater than 0.5 "mutes" the bump effect. This makes the shader be processed faster. By default is disabled.

Default = 0.000