With the scratches parameters, you will be able to add metallic scratches to the edges of your objects. This effect is useful for objects that are made out of metal. Particularly, for creating chipped paint or edge worn effects for hard-surface objects.

<aside> 📌 Important In order to get scratches on the fillets avoid using either low poly meshes with smooth shading (and no auto-smooth enabled as well) or very organic / smooth high-poly shapes (like a sphere) as SW will not recognize sharp edges.


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Scratches & Rust (S/R)

Controls whether or not there are going to be scratches and rust effects over the surfaces. This is the main parameter of the "S/R" section.


From left to right, values were: 0.000 | 0.500 | 1.000. The rest of the parameters were left as default.

Min = 0 | means no scratches

Max = 1 | means full scratches

Interpolation | between 0-1 is a linear opacity transition

Default = 0