Base Shader

This input will let you connect your previous shader setup and add the SW layer of effects.

You will have to ensure a previous shader node is plugged in, so the “Smart Weathering” node will start working. Otherwise, it will not work, so this step is very important.

“Smart Weathering” is primarily meant to enhance the previous material information in a non-destructive way, based on its setup. The default preset will just add a few touches (having some values leveled up), to add some classic realistic weathering effects, and to let you visually know that the SW node has been applied and is working.

<aside> ℹ️ Info As the SW tool is a quite heavy effects layer it is recommended to simplify and optimize your base shader setup the most as possible. For instance, a “PBR Principled BSDF” + SW would be the most efficient way to achieve the desired material.


Texture Coordinate

This is the second most important input you have to ensure it is connected.

It is important that to get a consistent effect use a “Texture Coordinate” node with the “Object” output.

Please, remember to check the "Important notes" section and our video tutorials to help you know how to make it work properly.