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Dust or Wetness (Toggle)

This parameter lets you decide if you want to use as a last layer of effects the "Dust" section or the "Wetness" one.

<aside> 📌 Important This parameter works as a "toggle". Values ranging from 0 to 0.5 will show all the previous + the "Dust" one (and hide the "Wetness" layer), whereas values greater than 0.5 will do the opposite. So it is recommended to be used as 0 (when you need "Dust") or 1 (when you need "Wetness") values to avoid confusion. Also, keep in mind that you need to enable (put a value greater than 0) on the main effect sliders in order to make the effect appear.


Default = 0


The purpose of this is to simulate material that has been deposited onto the surface in a “falling from the top” way; usable in objects whose top surface tends to function as a “roof”. For example, a piece of furniture, helmet, armor, and a car.

From left to right, values were: 0.000 | 0.500 | 1.000. The rest of the parameters were left as default.

Min = 0 | means no dust effect is applied

Max = 1 | means full dust effect is applied

Interpolation | between 0-1 is a linear opacity transition

Default = 0